Post Match report for the Leicester game - Saturday, 23rd November 2019

PREMIER LEAGUE: Brighton v Leicester - 23/11/19, P13.


VENUE: the Amex, Falmer - seventh home match of thirteen fixtures to date.
RESULT: 0-2 . (h-t 0-0) . SHAPE: 5-4-1 .
REF: a well known name, warmed up like a Spartan, shocking in pink but also controversial as per his lengthy record.

PRE-KICKOFF: a second November PL domestic affair for Brighton fans to savour, after interruption by the third international week. And on paper as tough a test to be faced, outside of the big six, at this stage of the campaign.
GATE: 30,640 . WEATHER: incessant rain. PITCH: once again surface water which detracts from pure football.
NB: The groundsmans winter watering policy requires further analysis.

GRAHAM POTTER had Dunk suspended, Alzate got rested and Connolly still on the injured list. But Webster was fit again, while Mooy & March stepped into midfield. Duffy got moved to right side of a back three.

TEAM . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 Ryan
. 22 Montoya, 4 Dunk, 15 Webster, 33 Burn, 20 March
. . . . 11 Trossard, 6 Stephens, 24 Propper, 18 Mooy
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 Maupay

BENCH: 27 Button, 21 Schelotto (77), 14 Balogun, 8 Bissouma (77), 13 Gross, 16 Jahanbakhsh, 17 Murray (83)

GOALS: 64 - 0-1. A classic counter attack from hosts pressure around visitors box. The speed of the counter was lethal.
82 - 0-2. Ref re-awarded a second attempt at a spot kick. Game, set and match.

INCIDENTS: 79 - Ref blew for a pen. Ryan initially saved but the ball went into the net. VAR stated no goal. Encroachment required the kick be taken again. Confusion reigned and comprehensive rules & regs consulted.

YELLOWS: Webster & Stephens. Both trod a fine line with respect to Refs following unpredictable reactions.

SUBS: double swap - Montoya/Schelotto & Stephens/Bissouma. Later - Murray/March. Status quo merely resumed.
Potter appeared latterly reactive to a situation that had turned sour, as he much earlier lost the initiative.

ANALYSIS: from k-o visitors opened us up like a proverbial whirlwind along our southcoast but hosts took absolute ages to get into this game prior to a necessary halftime team talk.
Beginning of the second period was better from locals but merely in terms of containment of travellers rather than incisive action into the final third.
Around the hour mark the contest began to alter once again when warning signs were posted to be wary of rapid City counter attacks. Conceding a soft goal changed the game into just a chase for an unlikely point.
Truth be told, Albion made hard work of creating goal-scoring opportunities and appeared limited in skill & desire during approach play. Players who previously have recorded high marks at lower levels seem to founder when up against a pukka Prem outfit.
Credit must go to the away team for a useful pressing style without the ball, solid defending and an explosive offence.
Seagulls flatter to deceive time & time again and Brighton fans became frustrated at side to side and/or backwards passing from all areas up to and including opponents box.
At any particular moment possession would inevitably be lost to opposition but surely better to record a blocked shot, on target or forced keepers save than those dismal giveaways that predominated today.
Pretty and expansive error free movement is no substitute for taking responsibility, adding determination, or will to win, whether ugly or otherwise.
MoM - Ryan, tried his best to keep the score down.

HOME FAN: a disappointing result on an afternoon when the best side won. At end of the day we look lightweight as an attacking force.

AWAY FAN: we played well and our defence did the job to keep a clean sheet. On the break we were deadly and showed our worth as a side able to score goals from nothing.

NEUTRAL VIEW: taking out whys & wherefores concerning that penalty fracas, Brighton would still have lost one nil. End of.