Post Match report for the Southampton game - Monday, 17th September 2018

PREMIER LEAGUE; Southampton 2 : 2 Brighton

Albion did not have too far to go on a Monday evening for the next away fixture, on pay tv, under floodlights. Travelling fans had waited over ten months to witness a win for visitors at PL level and wondered whether tonight would finally finish as fortuitous.

Chris Hughton made one change to the regular starting eleven. Bissouma was selected in midfield to replace injured Gross. Bruno was fit again and took a seat among mostly defensive substitutes.

1 Ryan, 22 Montoya, 4 Duffy, 5 Dunk (C), 3 Bong, 11 Knockaert, 6 Stephens, 8 Bissouma, 24 Propper, 20 March, 17 Murray.
Bench; 27 Button, 2 Bruno, 30 Bernardo, 14 Balogun, 7 Kayal, 16 Jahanbakhsh, 9 Locadia.

1min. Seagulls were attired in green which was a new experience on the road this term. The usual 451 formation ensued.
3. after Ryan gets an early touch visitors gain possession and attempt to build from the back. A set piece is poorly wasted.
5. lazy control and weak use of the ball presents hosts with means to progress up field as Brighton backpedal at this stage.
7. f-k to locals is measure of opening exchanges and competitive nature. Soton come forward and Ryan takes the header.
10. scrappy play continues, where fluidity is lost in centre of the park way before reaching up front. Murray is nonplussed.
12. Ryan handles once more and the back to front movement begins again but once more things stall in cramped midfield.
14. March pushes up and the ball reaches Knockaert who registers a threat which is blocked. Visitors do need to use flanks.
17. set piece to Saints is prodded over Seagulls wall and drifts harmlessly into a neutral area. Albion are riding their luck.
20. a direct threat from hosts using a neat 1-2 is blocked by Dunk. The corner causes havoc in visitors area but locals miss.
23. Seagulls are forced back and up against clear & present danger as Saints flood forward carrying a threat in the last third
27. the stop-start modus operandi by Albion is costing possession and presenting opportunities to hosts strikers via flanks.
30. Albion give the ball away time after time and are not producing any form of cohesive display. Individual errors rack up.
33. visitors game-plan may be working but it is more by luck than judgement - Hughton cannot be satisfied with it thus far.
35. GOAL. More loose play from travellers is punished when locals tackle, nick the ball and a long range strike beats Ryan.
39. Bissouma drives ahead until brought down. Ref stops play to allow assessment. There is a delay for treatment to both.
43. Seagulls are all over the place and merely reactive rather than proactive. They are chasing another game, as is regular.
45+ going into the interval visitors are a single goal down but clueless as to how to restore parity. They have been harried for possession and failed to make much forward motion when picking up the ball. Levels of individual performances have been short of what is required to compile any sort of threat as a team.

46. an initial attack involving March is wasted with a cross into a vacant area. Bong tries a similar centre but it is woeful.
49. travellers early flurry has apparently burnt out but suddenly green shirts spark into life and produce a scoring chance.
52. corner to Seagulls following good work toward Murray up front is weak and headed out. The follow up is flagged o/s.
55. hosts break against run of play but make a hash of one on one with Ryan. Brighton reset and start over from the back.
57. yellow card to hosts when March is floored. The set piece delivery is shocking from Bissouma and does not reach men.
60. past the hour mark a semblance of recovery from travellers is struggling to gain momentum and cause more threats.
63. locals attempt a foray up field as they regain some impetus having weathered the storm from visitors offensive intent.
65. GOAL. Bong gives away a penalty which is smashed home. Albion have lost the match, presented easy victory to Saints.
67. GOAL. a f-k by Knockaert is headed home by DUFFY to give visitors some hope during the final quarter of this contest.
71. March is withdrawn for Jahanbakhsh. Saints attack and Bong is diving in again but Ref is not convinced to point at spot.
76. two changes by hosts in attacking positions. Bissouma goes off for Locadia. Seagulls switch to orthodox 442 two strikers
77. Stephens booked. Travellers require to show character and up the ante. Subs need to get up to speed pretty quick.
79. Albion appear a spent force and unable to penetrate the Soton rearguard to any effect as they switch across the lines.
80. Jahanbakhsh clips a post. Locadia messes up simple control. Knockaert is buzzing but its all huff & puff with no output.
84.last tactical sub by hosts. Corner to BHA is wasted - set pieces have generally been ineffective. Room for improvement!
86. booking for Soton keeper. Hosts miss another one on one. The crowd is unsettled and the game is very scrappy now.
89. corner to visitors is headed goal-wards by Locadia and parried by the keeper. A late flurry of attacking by visitors.
90+1. GOAL. Brighton equalise from the spot by MURAY following a foul on Duffy. Knockaert is booked. Locadia is then booked. Ryan makes a vital save from a set piece.
90+5. Albion come from two down against the odds to claim a point at the death. Hughton will be pleased with the second half response. Fans got excited but cool heads will worry about game management throughout, rather than kick & rush tactics with time running out quickly.