Post Match report for the Liverpool game - Saturday, 25th August 2018

PREMIER LEAGUE; Liverpool 1 : 0 Brighton

Albion did not want a case of deja vu on Merseyside this summer. Last springtime the south-coast outfit survived their first Prem campaign when beating Man Utd at the Amex, immediately prior to a make the numbers up journey to Anfield. Last week Seagulls repeated home victory over Red Devils but are mindful of suffering a subsequent push over here this term.

Chris Hughton made a couple of alterations to the starting eleven versus United. Injured previous ever-present Dunk was replaced by Balogun on full debut. Domestic creative linkman Gross gave way to midfield debutant Bissouma.

1 Ryan, 22 Montoya, 4 Duffy, 14 Balogun, 3 Bong, 11 Knockaert, 6 Stephens (C), 8 Bissouma, 24 Propper, 20 March, 17 Murray.
Bench; 27 Button, 30 Bernardo, 29 Suttner, 7 Kayal, 13 Gross, 16 Jahanbakhsh, 9 Locadia.

1min. on completion of your never walk alone, travellers faced the kop in a packed stadium for the northern teatime k-off.
3. Seagulls shaped as 4141 with Stephens sitting in front of the rearguard and Bissouma & Propper centrally in midfield.
4. locals catch visitors up field and break with alacrity until zoning in on the area then releasing a snap shot from distance.
5. Propper & Stephens combine to feed Murray who gets Knockaert into play prior to a goal-scoring attempt which fails.
8. possession is expected to predominate with hosts while travellers backtrack. Ryan saves a header on target to keep level
10. end to end play sees Albion lose the ball too easily and the quick counter gains the home unit a corner - it is defended.
13. March runs ahead and Bissouma almost puts him clear as the keeper came out but the ball deflects off the wingers foot
14. f-k in a dangerous position in visitors final third gets pumped over the wall straight toward Ryan but bounces off the bar
17. hosts continue to work flanks where Bong & Montoya are busy, supported in defence by their respective wingers.
20. Murray is working hard up front as a target man, holding the ball up when necessary to allow support on from midfield.
23 GOAL. Liverpool take the lead following mistakes as Brighton lose the ball and quick passing results in a direct threat.
25. the nature of this contest has dramatically changed in an instant and visitors are involved in a salvage operation now.
30. travellers have been defending their own half constantly and are looking for relief by somehow keeping the ball up field
31. corner to hosts after visitors drop too deep is cleared by Duffy and March chases his man to prevent the ball coming in.
35. Ryan reacts to deny a second score. From the follow up Albion assemble semblance of an attack but a move peters out.
36. corner to Seagulls is curled over and punched out by the handler. The chase is on for a counter and visitors clear lines.
38. wingers swap sides as travellers come forward once more. Murray fouls the keeper, so play resumes in favour of hosts.
40. Balogun scrambles the ball away as the home eleven press ahead and seek a killer second goal just prior to the interval.
43. Albion bank up in defence and are holding out while the clock ticks down. Montoya is harassed as locals fire one over.
44. Murray requires treatment after being decked. Lino shows 2mins stoppage time. Albion must remain focussed now.
45+ Seagulls walk off the pitch one down but still in the game due to a solid stoic rearguard action, apart from a few errors that proved costly on one occasion. Hughton will want efforts redoubled and to go back to Sussex with heads held high.

46. an early chance for Reds is held at bay by Seagulls and Duffy eventually boots the ball away. March is then defending.
48. Knockaert goes on a run and combines with Murray who slots a ball to the Frenchman but his touch & shot is poor.
50. visitors attempt to build once more but impetus is lost and the atmosphere is flat. Ryan is floored when catching.
52. play is interrupted for treatment to opponents. It resumes but there is little cohesion at this juncture and suits visitors.
55. the home eleven pick it up cheaply and pose clear and present danger in next to no time. Albion must stay switched on.
57. corner to hosts in headed out by Duffy but the ball comes in once more. Seagulls are defending and on the back foot.
61. past the hour mark travellers are being pressed. Balogun is booked for high sticks. The f-k goes in and Ryan catches.
62. Ref blows up again when Montoya scraps. Ebb & flow is disjointed but a scrappy game is to away advantage right now.
65. f-k to Albion following a foray into the final third gets deflected off the wall by Bissouma for a corner. This a total waste.
67. sub by Reds in m-f. Travellers push forward but it comes to nowt and they do not present enough of a threat in build up
71. Liverpool rack up another on target which is collected by Ryan. Any lapse in concentration is punished by a fast counter.
74. more pressure from hosts is causing trouble for travellers. F-k to locals is curled in and punted out of play. It is one way.
75. double change by visitors. March & Knockaert are subbed for Jahanbakhsh & Locadia. Albion shape looks a bit lopsided
77. booking for hosts full back. Seagulls probe up field and gain a corner. The first set-piece is wasted. The second unlucky.
80. another sub by Reds. Gross comes on for Bissouma. Albion press, almost set up a chance but are weak - countered fast.
85. a stubborn display from travellers holds the score down but they are unable to capitalise on the revised attacking shape
88. panic defending is keeping Reds at bay. Seagulls continue to hold out this half but are lacking in true offensive action.
89. Gross header is saved by the keeper. Third change in def by Reds. Albion set piece peters out and they appear beaten.
90+ 3min stoppage. Hosts take all the points, while visitors return home with nowt but experience from a half decent performance.