Post Match report for the Chelsea game - Sunday, 16th December 2018

PREMIER LEAGUE; Brighton v Chelsea


VENUE; the Amex, Falmer - 8th home match of seventeen fixtures to date.
RESULT; 1-2 ~ March . (h-t 0-2) . SHAPE; 4-5-1 . REF; a familiar name but not down on too many Xmas card lists in the family section.

PREAMBLE; it was Sunday lunchtime in the middle of December and therefore merely cold fare prevailed for many arrivees during prologue to the forthcoming festive season. Mid table mediocrity seemed pleasant enough at this stage and assumed a middling mindset while average supporters stomachs were assuaged prior to kickoff.
GATE; 30,645 . WEATHER; cloudy with a little late drizzle.

CHRIS HUGHTON still had Izquierdo sidelined and Duffy banned, while Jahanbakhsh was fit once more. In the event the boss went back to basics with selection, although Bruno was rested.

TEAM; . . . . . . . . . . 1 Ryan
. . 22 Montoya, 14 Balogun, 5 Dunk, 30 Bernardo
. 11 Knockaert, 6 Stephens, 24 Propper, 20 March
. . . . . . . . . 13 Gross, . . . . . . 17 Murray

BENCH; 23 Steele, 2 Bruno, 3 Bong, 7 Kayal, 8 Bissouma (81), 9 Locadia (83), 10 Andone (60).

GOALS; 17 - 0-1. Early enthusiasm had evaporated but Seagulls were caught flat footed with a swift attack. The ball crossed the area low from out left while an unmarked traveller accepted the gift.
33 - 0-2. A loose ball out of defence was picked up by opponents and quick as a flash broke forward to outpace turned rearguard. Ryan was a spectator at the low drive.
66 - 1-2. Propper pumped a long pass over to Gross who crossed deeply from the right by-line. Bernardo headed down and MARCH turned it into the net.

INCIDENTS; 63 - pundits talk about fine margins and sometimes these are physical. Blues were dangerous on the counter from all positions and their left wingback struck a post from way down range with Ryan grasping at thin air.

YELLOWS; 55 - Dunk clattered the world-class striker. 69 - Andone was ultra competitive with an international defender.

SUBS; 60 - Murray was withdraw for Andone at point. 81 - Gross went off and Bissouma came on centrally. 83 - Knockaert was removed and Locadia inserted instead.
So some players got extra minutes but refreshing offensive action did not alter the result. Huff & puff petered out at the death.

ANALYSIS; the game was up just after the half hour and visitors stars saw through hapless hosts second half surge with adequate management of play. It would be easy to write this contest off as a miss-match but that belies basic stats over ninety minutes.
The biggest problem was Albion could not string a few passes together until it was almost too late. Seagulls did not set out to climb a mountain but needed necessary oxygen from an infusive pep talk during the break.
Defenders generally did jobs ok but a small slip against such opposition is one too many. Midfield worked hard once up to pace of play but lacked subtle creativity. Those up top and in support had an afternoon of chasing about to little effect.
MoM; Bernardo

1ST FAN; +concourses were filled with subdued support supping, long before the interval. Back in the stadium things began to represent a football match as effects of various stimulants took hold on & off the pitch+

2ND FAN; +it was men versus boys for the first half and vice versa on turn around. If you are star struck, they are not going to just pose ineffectually for ever+

3RD FAN; +what can I say but that we played only half a match. Being nice and comfortable in mid table caused a certain amount of lethargy in both the team and on terraces+